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“expertise” v “interest”

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One of those things that seems obvious after you realize it: framing things you think and learn and talk about by either “expertise” or “interest.”

I just joined Klout, a website and app that “helps with social media messaging.”

(Seconds after you join, they give your social media a score. Mine is scored a “42” and, they were all “don’t worry! That’s average!” And I’m like, “Don’t you come at me with your made-up metrics, Bub. I’ll decide when it’s time to care.”

Incidentally, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those things you don’t go around telling your readers / followers / friends / whatnot about, but whateverguys. Here’s me.)

Anyway. One of the cool things they do is subtly frame your topics by “expertise” and “interest.”
The conversation I had with the UI went something like this:

me: “Oh, expertise and interest! That’s never occurred to me before.”
Klout: “Oh. Yes, of course. Some things are expertise. Others are interest.”
me: “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”
Klout: “Right. Like this, for example. What do you want to do with this ‘Whiskey’ one?”
me: “Oh. Yeah, I’m definitely not an expert in whiskey. ‘Interest!’

… And speaking of which, give it here.”



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