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It’s okay when they stray.

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With “they” being absolutely anybody at all who matters to you.

I could go “pro” here and pretend that I’m only talking about clients or users or teams, but the “they” really stretches into all facets of life, so to call out some people and skirt around others would be to barely talk about it at all. They all may stray from time to time. And, with pretty much all of them, that stray is okay.

Yeah, it’s hard. (Of course it’s hard.) It’s hard when you commit time and energy into something – providing something; taking care of something; trying to offer something of value –  and your person walks away. I know this – I’ve been there – and you probably do too. We’ve all experienced our fair share.

But just because it can be emotionally draining doesn’t mean that it can’t be okay. It can be, given the mindset; the perspective; the priorities. And those all come from a place of honesty and security; logic and love…

own your own shortcomings

If we are honest with ourselves and our audience – and these are two different, distinct steps; let’s be very clear – then we are already eons ahead of the game. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to dissect your own makeup and call out by name all the different things that you can and cannot do – and to carve the latter away from the rest and let it go. If you have even gotten this far and can honestly identify the distinction, then you are already doing life right.

take it in stride and lean logic

We are not perfect and none of us provide absolutely everything for anyone, so the probability of The sooner we find peace with this, the sooner we are on our way to leading happier lives.

It’s hard finding out, at first. Of course it is. Nobody likes learning that someone went elsewhere for certain needs, and nobody is asking anybody to not feel those rightful feels when they do. This sort of realization is never easy.

But after the disheveling of that initial reaction, logic comes in and cleans the place up a bit; putting things back into their place and then reminding you, “this is how you wanted it, you know. This is all you asked.”

And logic is right, of course. This is all I’d asked.

take care and lean love

I want my audience to be happy – I want my users to be happy; I want my team to be happy; I want my client to be happy; I want all of the people I have in my life to be happy. And that happiness is better served elsewhere, then “elsewhere” is what I want for them.

I am so grateful that there are alternatives; other options.


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