Response Crafting

How to UX, from a manager’s perspective

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User experience isn’t about crafting documents.
It’s about crafting experiences.

And sometimes it seems like we overlook that.

What I want in a UXer:

Being a good UXer is not about making the prettiest artifact. And as a project manager and product owner, I care far less about how “polished” the .pdf is and far more about:

a.) How quickly you got it to us so that we can talk about it and…
b.) Whether or not it effectively facilitates that conversation.

UX documents like wireframes serve one purpose, and that is to foster a dialogue and provide a visual, so that everyone in the conversation is on the same page. These documents should only be as complex and “pretty” enough to communicate ideas. No more. No less. When in doubt, they should err on the side of crude. Assuming both are the first iteration of many, I would rather see something rough and informal faster than wait another week to see something shiny.

How long UX turnaround should take:

The timeline to turn iterations around should be:

a.) Slow enough that they incorporate all of the feedback, but…
b.) Fast enough that they do not impede, inhibit or otherwise impair the on-going dialogue.

A design should not take longer to produce than it would take the developer to actually build. (This does not include the cycles of feedback. Of course these take time.)


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