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Rules of Engagement

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Here are my basic rules for interaction. I’m not going to say that I myself am flawless, but when I think about how to manage – manage people and manage partnerships – these are my basic few:

Get shit done. Find what you enjoy doing and something you’re good at, and then damn do it.

Do good work. 
If you’re going to do it, do it well. (As a friend says: “there are two ways to do things: either right… or again.”) And the extremists might even suggest: if you don’t back the task and don’t buy into it and won’t do it well, then don’t do it. Some might even suggest doing this unapologetically. After all, some of history’s greats did so. One in particular “only did what he wanted to do exactly when he wanted to do it.”

Do the right thing by doing right by others.
I’m not going to say that I’ve always been perfect at it, or that I have a spotless record. I know there are people who can readily cite my flaws and I would guess I have one or two who probably even view me as the enemy, citing past actions I did even when I believed I was doing right. And this is okay, because we are all entitled to our own sense of reality. And the point here is that you believe that what you do is right and that you’re doing right by others.

Be honest.
I’m a private person, and I don’t unfurl a carpet detailing my life. But that aside, I do believe in transparency, particularly when it comes to tough conversations. Know you’re going to blow a deadline? Say so. Propose a solution. Ask for what you need. Tough conversations are actually incredibly easy if you believe that what you’re asking for is fair.

Defend what you believe to be right. 
Once you have something worth backing, overturn the earth to do so.

Nobody nails it 100% of the time. I’m not going to say that I have a perfect record of execution, and I don’t think anybody would disagree with that. The point is that we aim and have good beacons at which to do so.


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