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Iceland: Colorado by way of Europe

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Being from Colorado, much of Iceland reminds me of home. (In fact, to all of you Colorado natives, seriously: if you would like to fly to Breckenridge via Europe, I highly recommend Reykjavik, Iceland. The cities are fairly similar… except one is a little bigger, in terms of street footprint (though the feel is roughly the same) and one has a ski resort nearby. Also, the ocean… whatever, the streets are very similar. The feel is similar.)

And then you leave Reykjavik and see the countryside of Iceland, and all around you is Eastern Colorado or the Colorado of some more remote mountain areas. Great sprawls of open fields, jutting up into mountains or stretching ceaselessly over the edge of a horizon.

And yes, the land also drops off of cliffs into an ocean, which obviously differentiates it from Colorado And if you cannot get past this difference, then I guess we will have to agree to disagree, but I will say that, driving around Iceland one day, much of it – a surprising much of it, in fact – reminded me exactly of my Colorado home.

Now, this comparison likely will not work if you are not a native or have not spent a considerable amount of time seeing “real and actual” Colorado. If your idea of Colorado is “Vail” or “Keystone” or [insert your favorite ski resort here], then you will not see what I mean about Iceland.

But if you have really seen Colorado – seen the backsides and the downsides and the outsides of all the major areas, then you will likely see what I see: the fabric is the same.


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