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user experience: universal vs unique

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Angela Misoni, by Liu Bolin

Here’s a question that came to me as I was riding the red line this morning:

To what extent is user experience (either in the context of a single product/service or in general, overall) universal, and to what extent does it vary by individual?

I think it is some of both. I think that we innately bring our own pre-existing ideas and knowledge and preferences to each stimuli we meet, so I do think that the individual – not “humans” in general, but each person himself – is an important part of the equation. (If this weren’t the case, we would all deem the Super Bowl and Twilight and vegan kale chips “good,” and obviously some don’t.)

But, on the other hand: there is an underlying universality to the human spirit and the human intellect – the process of taking in stimuli and sorting it out. While the details of our psyche may differ, the fundamentals and laws of how it works spans us all.

The fascinating task, I think, is in striking that delicate balance between the two.


One thought on “user experience: universal vs unique

  1. Muchos Gracias for your article.Much thanks again. Want more. Kessans

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