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Detroit | Just as fascinating as I’d imagined

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detroit63Detroit is absolutely everything I had imagined. I wish I had come sooner, maybe, but am also glad I came as soon as I did. I am sure, incidentally, that I will be back many more times.

There are so many moments when I feel intellectually stiffled – when I feel utterly alone in my position on an issue and furthermore, in staking it, utterly alone against everyone else’s opposing views.

Detroit was one of those things.
People can be so shortsighted; so literal.
“Why Detroit? Don’t go – you won’t like it.”
“Yes. I will.” I countered time and time again.
I knew I would.

And I do.

“But it’s so… sad.” They would say, binding the place up in words poorly suited to it.
“No.” I would correct. “It is fascinating. Don’t you think it’s fascinating?”
Always, though, I knew: the answer was no.

It fascinates me how we can build out a city – put so much love into creating these architectural gems – and then watch them collapse in economic hardship. These are not, after all, ordinary buildings. Detroit was expected to be (was?) something incredible – a source of substantial pride in the United States – and, for the first part of the Century, it was. And they built it accordingly. But then the economy collapses and, with it, their physical landscape. That is utterly fascinating – the evolution of a built environment as a reflection and manifestation of her people. It’s even more interesting when it suffers a slow demise.

Of course, there were not so many words. I sound too preachy – or too heady, maybe – and I always get cut off.

Detroit is, unsurprisingly, utterly everything I had imagined… it
is, I think, absolutely my favorite city.


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