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you don’t always favor the first

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The market loves a new product or concept.
What the market often loves more, though, is the second wave – the products that inevitably follow forerunners that were well-received; the ones that identify the shortfalls and faults of the first and improve upon or reconcile them.

Coconut water is one great example. One of the original players (and the brand by which much of the market has been introduced to the concept) was “Vita Coco,” which became widely offered in 2011. It was a note-worthy effort in creating a market for coconut water, advertising it as “super hydrating” and chock-full of electrolytes.

The problem with Vita Coco, despite a solid – and well-received – concept, ranged from unpalatable packaging to lawsuits over advertising language…
• Packaging “mechanics” that are not very pleasant, with a cap too small to efficiently grip and a mouth too small to assume a natural drinking position
• Packaging design isn’t all that great, either – both the font choice and colors already seem dated.

Enter Harmless Harvest…
• Packaging “mechanics” – the clear bottle not only plays to our intrinsic expectation of “water,” but, by showcasing the contents, instills a sense of trust with the consumer
• Packaging design – closely mocking a typical bottle of water, with trend-forward typefont and design (fitting for a trend-forward concept)
• Advertising – whereas Vita Coco came under scrutiny for misleading advertising, Harmless Harvest has come out as moral chamions, aligning themselves with “raw” diets and more health-conscious consumers

Vita Coco
Harmless Harvest


One thought on “you don’t always favor the first

  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

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