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Lighting should say, "you’re beautiful. Stay a while."

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Sometimes, the restroom can make or break the customer experience.

This is particularly true in places where the customer’s presence is dictated by a drawn-out desire to feel… well, good. I’m talking specifically about places like clubs, fine dining establishments, and high-end retail.

The way us women feel when we look at ourselves in the restroom mirror (and you know we will) will dictate the way we feel about ourselves when we walk back out. If we feel like we look great, we’re going to feel more confident.

We feel more confident, we want to stay longer.

Restroom lighting matters more than most establishments realize. Flourescent lighting makes us look – and feel – unattractive. And who wants to bother trying on another pair of designer jeans or hanging around hoping that handsome chap at the end of the bar will come over when we suddenly feel… well, not good. 

I know that you think it’s just a restroom or a fitting room… but to us, it’s the space we’re in right before we try to win our date’s heart, the place we go to check our hair so that we walk into the bar like a rockstar, or the space we’re in when we’re trying to convince ourselves that we are, in fact, hot enough to pull off one size smaller.

I don’t know many people – women or men – who leave the house hoping to feel lackluster. Help them in their endeavor by giving them the easy wins.


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