Response Crafting

If you offer it, offer all of it

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I fly to Boston every Monday morning.
In order to get to the airport, I take a taxi every Monday morning.
Because I’m not at my peak performance at 4:30 am, I book the taxi the night before.
I call the taxi company to do this.
I am on hold for a few minutes each time.
This comes with the convenience of having the car waiting.

The last time I did this, however, I later got a text response.
It informed me that, should I choose to use their service again, I could simply text my request.

Oh, the beauty of it!
(I do love sending a good text…)

So I tried it out.
The night before.
Because that’s when I’m at (more) peak performance.

And, as it turns out, their service is not set up for “night before” requests.
They tried to dispatch a taxi right then.
and I quickly had to follow up with a “cancel dispatch” text.
Because, for goodness sake, I didn’t even have a bag packed!

So instead I called.
And I sat on hold.
So I could place my request for the next morning.

And the whole time I was on hold, all I could think was:

wouldn’t it benefit both of us if that “text” feature simply included a “time” element?


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