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Dear Best Buy,

I recently went into one of your locations looking for a particular DVD. I couldn’t find it, so I looked around for an associate to help me. I had to walk halfway around the store to locate one, and when I found her, she was busying herself with the task of hovering over the “caution: wet floor” sign, attempting to balance it on one leg as she stared blankly past it at the floor.

I gently interrupted – somewhat fearing the consequences of startling her from her trance – and asked her to help me find the DVD. She complied, and off we went to accomplish the task.

I dug through a bargain bin while she searched the inventory online. She found the film. Unfortunately, it was only being carried in Blu-Ray format. And this is where things really got dicey:

“Oh,” I sighed when she told me, “that won’t work. We have a DVD player.”
“Well,” she piped optimistically, “you could just buy a Blu-Ray player.”
I stared at her.
She went on. “Eventually,” she said, “everything will be Blu-Ray.”
And that’s when I got angry.
“That’s fine.” I glared. “But right now everything isn’t. Right now we have a DVD player. And right now I want to buy a DVD. I’m not going to spend ten times as much just to watch a film because you weren’t selling it in our format.”

(A format that – just so we’re both clear – still exists. Yet somehow doesn’t work for you. Right now.)

Best Buy, if you don’t carry the $10 item I want, why would you expect me to buy the $100 item I don’t?

When you have your 1997 Honda tuned up, do you want your mechanic to tell you that they don’t have your replacement part in stock and instead try to sell you a hybrid?

Of course not! You want to know why?
It’s dismissive (“you don’t want that.”) It’s alienating (“don’t you know?!”) And it’s rude.

Best Buy, you can carry all the techonology in the world, but you never learned to embrace your customer. This is why you’re going out of business.


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