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We stayed at the Kimpton in Dallas on Christmas night this year. We were driving through, coming from one side of the family that morning and going on to another the next day, and were at the hotel for less than 12 hours.

Before we arrived, Kimpton reached out to us, expressing their desire to make our holiday special and asking if there was anything we could do. J in turn reached out to me for guidance, and I suggested “something simple, but Christmasy.”

(I was secretly hoping for hot chocolate and cookies.)

When we got to our room and dropped our bags, there laid out for us was a spread of hot chocolate powder, hot water in a steel canister, mini marshmallows, candy cane bits, chocolate and butterscotch chips, and shortbread cookies – all displayed in cute dishes. And a handwritten note that said, in essence, “enjoy.”

Wonderful! (I wish I’d thought to take a photo.)

I called them afterwards to thank them. That’s how hospitality should go.


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