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Hertz offers a “luxury” class. The car they often state, as an example, is the Lincoln Towncar.


First, let’s all agree that: an individual who rents a luxury vehicle is very likely doing it not so much because they themselves like to ride in style (though I recognize this may be the case for some) as it is more the case of them striving to impress someone else – very likely a client. They are trying to make an impression.

And not everyone is trying to make the same one.

And if Hertz knew anything about anything about cars – the core of their business – they would understand that all cars – but especially luxury vehicles – make different impressions.

It’s not enough to make an impression in general as it is to make the right one.

Auto companies spend a lot of money investing in that very impression that their vehicles make. And consumers are highly aware of what those brands are. They want to associate themselves with some. And they don’t want to associate themselves with others. To say it’s “luxury” isn’t enough to win us over: it’s not simply a price tag thing. To put it simply: not all luxury vehicles are created equal.

Reality check: there are different luxury car drivers. And some of us don’t want to drive our grandpa’s car to pick up our client.


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