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Muscle Milk – love (love) the product. It’s high in protein. It’s low in sugar. That’s a combination that is far more outrageously – infruriatingly – difficult to find in health foods than it sounds. The packaging, however, leaves something to be desired.Here’s the thing, guys: have you tried using the straw on your four-pack container? And I pose this question to all of you at Muscle Milk. I even ask it of the CEO; I challenge him or her to drink using the straw. I sense you’ll find some problems, including but not limited to: the tapered end of the straw does not easily puncture the plastic wrapping, often leaving the angled tip bent and less useful for puncturing the drink carton. This aside, the concept of the straw doubling in length, while great, leaves a less-than-airtight joint in the middle, which, one you get to the bottom half of your drink, permits air intake and reduces the efficiency of the straw’s (very simple) function. (And, as an aside: why do you only offer the 8 oz size in a four pack? And why is the 14 oz size only offered as single-serving?)



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