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While walking by Tiffany’s recently, their window marketing material caught my eye. They were displaying pieces of their jewelry alongside a rainbow assortment of (artificial) pastel-toned ice cream cones.

I thought this was a brilliant play on the fact that Tiffany’s, as a brand, is “every little girl’s dream.” Tiffany’s is the first luxury jewelry brand many women learn about as children and, as such, is often the standard they retain into adulthood – particularly for the most important piece of jewelry in most women’s collections: the engagement ring. The symbol of the wedding – which, in and of itself, is often rooted in childhood fantasies. (The wedding being the one day a self-respecting woman over the age of 8 is permitted to announce that she is “a princess.”) 
Wedding fantasies are established in childhood, and many wedding-day elements, even though they materialize at least a decade later, draw from pleasures of childhood. Because the connotations of “The Tiffany Ring” are so closely aligned with the wedding of our girlhood dreams, it only makes sense that it, too, would play up the pleasures of our youth – that being, in this case, pink ice cream cones. 

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