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On hospitality for dogs

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Dear hotels,

Thank you for allowing my dog to stay with me. It increases the odds of me staying with you and, because I see my dog as an extension of myself, your inclusion of him makes me feel more welcome, too.

But now it’s time for step two, which goes like this: please, please include a bowl for water. While you have established a standard of setting out glasses for me, I feel that you overlook the fact that my dog will be thirsty during our stay with you, too – even if it’s only for 24 hours. And, because I am not yet in the practice of traveling with his dog bowl, it would really delight me if you offered one.

So far, I have on at least one occasion resorted to using the ice bucket for water during a 3-night stay. I think we can agree that it’s in the best interests of your future guests – and you – to just give us a bowl for water.

Kimpton is on board. The rest should follow their lead.

Thank you.


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