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Get out of your pajamas

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Oh, the pajama pants. They’re so comfy. So cozy. They’re great for sick days and those not-so-stellar mornings that drag into afternoons.

Pajama pants are a great concept, I agree. They have an invaluable role in our lives, which is why we love them. They make us feel good. And, more importantly, when we don’t feel good and we want to wallow around in that feeling, pajama pants assure us: “hey, that’s okay.”

Pajama pants validate our desire to feel lazy. They permit – even encourage – us to indulge in absolute leisure. Whenever we get a hankering for a good zone-out, all we have to do is leave our pajama pants on all day.

We need to cool it with the pajama pants.
Take them off.
Put real pants on.
And leave the apartment.

I’m not saying that you have to toss them out. You can keep your pajama pants. They have a function in our lives, and that’s okay. All I’m suggesting is that, when you get an itch to do something other than lounge on the futon with a bag of chips, get out of your pajamas.


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